Videoblog Maria Dolgopolova: 9 September 2023

Hi everybody,
I came here today to this gorgeous place to tell you that
I would like to try myself in video blogging.

13 September, 2023

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Food or beauty of the body, so popular in social media, are not the focus for me.

And I am not fond of social events. I am too introverted most of the time to attend them.

And I am definitely not good at luxury stuff.

The content of the blog is expected to be my reflections.

I used to write. I like writing. But video is a new level of expression.

A good chance to expand horizons.

Here are two challenges for me:

The English-language (my native language is Russian)

I am not experienced at being brief.

Well, I have an opportunity to overcome my actual limits.

You are highly welcome to join me! It is going to be fun.

Ready, steady, GO!

About me

Maria Dolgopolova – a certified clinical and a jungian psychologist (Moscow Association of Analytical Psychology, an IAAP training candidate studying in CGJung Institute in Zurich) with a background in gestalt therapy (Moscow Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama, Gestalt Associates Training Los Angeles) and in psychoanalysis of object relations.

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